Reading/Writing AT29C040A

I had planned to be playing Pokemon TCG with my homies tonight. That fell through, so I got the evening to play with my new toys. I probably should have been doing some real work, but I got caught up trying to write this flash chip, instead.

I just got it working. I can read data from the AT29C040A, but that’s easy. It took me a while to actually send commands to the chip and get it to respond. Once I got it to read the Manufacturer ID and Device ID from the flash chip, I was pretty sure I could actually flash data to the thing. Sure enough, it all works now.

I guess the next step is reading/writing an actual NGP/NGPC cart. That will take some new work, though. First, I have to deal with the cart edge connector. I have some ideas for that. Then, I have to convert this thing to 3V, as the chips I worked with so far were 5V. Then, I have to wire it all up (which won’t be as trivial as a single DIP chip.

But so far, so good.

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