SNK Neo Geo Pocket Keychains & Flash Carts In Stock

IMG_9032We have a new batch of Neo Pocket Flash Masta USB cartridges back in stock today. To go along with them, we also have some new (semi-experimental) NGPC keychains.

Check them out here:

Comment here to let us know what you think of the keychains. When I first had the idea to make them, I tried to save the cartridge stickers. You can see in the product photos that some keychains have an original sticker on the back. Once we actually did the rubberizing process, many stickers curled up. I think the ones without stickers may look the best, but we have also tried Flash Masta stickers on some. Which is your favorite?

P.S. I was really pleased with the response we got to the WonderSwan early adopter survey. We are now waiting for some PCBs to arrive, and then I expect to be contacting people in a few rounds of emails (based on the responses we received) to start the preorder process for WS Flash Masta.

3 comments on “SNK Neo Geo Pocket Keychains & Flash Carts In Stock”

  1. djpannda Reply

    Really nice.. Cant wait to try the wondershows pcb..( that if im one of the people being contacted)

  2. billzo Reply

    I think the keychains are a great idea. It’s a good way to support your work without purchasing a Flash Masta right now 🙂

    It would be really nice to have the choice between one with a sticker or one without, but if the rubberizing process causes problems with the sticker, I’d rather have a keychain without one that still looks good after some wear and tear.

    • Flavor Reply

      We will likely try to settle on whichever people seem to prefer. I saved most of the stickers over the years, so it seems sad to just trash them, now. However, the fact is that they are easier to produce without the sticker, and they (usually) come out better when the sticker is removed.

      Then there are the ones we’ve tried adding the Flash Masta sticker to. Those turn out nice, and they’re better for advertising, but I’m not convinced that people would prefer them.

      I’m hoping that people that receive the keychains will comment on what they prefer.

      If you have a preference, let me know.

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