Sold Out, Time To Build More

Just Replace The 2011 With 2012

Happy New Year everyone. Thanks for the support in 2011!

I don’t really have much to discuss today, but I figured that I should make a post stating that units are again Sold Out. I have updated the Purchase NGPC Flash Cart Page to reflect that.

I will again be building more Flashmasta/Linkmasta bundles. I thought I might get to work on this project over the holidays, but that didn’t work out. I ended up being busy with other things and family (which is good).

Now that I’m back down to 0 units left and life is pretty much back to normal, I’ll get back to working on NGPC stuff. I don’t know if I’ll do another run of 20 or not, but I’ll get some ready. I’m guessing that in 4 weeks I should have some available again. If I build less, maybe it will be sooner, but it seems to work better to buy parts and build the units in higher quantities.

So, that’s the “news” which really isn’t anything too interesting.

Again, thanks for supporting my projects. It really does mean a lot to me.

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  1. Morden Reply

    It has been my pleasure to support the Flashmasta project in 2011 and I’ll be more than happy to support any other endeavors heading our way in 2012. I hope that you all had great holidays and I’m looking forward to any new developments!

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