Soldering Linkmasta NGPC Sockets

There’s not a whole lot to say about this. Over the weekend, I was finishing up a bunch of Linkmasta USB devices for some Neo Geo Pocket Flash Masta bundles. I recorded some video of me soldering ’em. It’s like 30min of watching me solder and ramble on. I figured I should post it, so maybe someone will find it interesting in some way. 😀

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  1. jrronimo Reply

    “Oh, hay, no big deal, I just keep a MVS cabinet in my workroom.” 🙂

    Great video man! Jealous of the MVS, but really cool to see the work happening.

    • Flavor Reply

      Actually, I just sold my last 2 arcade machines. I used to have a bunch of arcades and pins. I am now down to the 6-slot MVS that I have decided not to sell. The rest are all gone.

  2. mic Reply

    I’m glad I’m not the one who has to solder all these boards 😛 Looks like you’ve got the routine down pretty well though.

    • Flavor Reply

      Yeah, that’s true, but it’s still tedious. The main problem is when something doesn’t work. Debugging/desoldering/resoldering/etc. is annoying and time consuming.

  3. Icer Jo Reply

    I happened to have stumbled Across your website while i was looking up some information about the Pocket linker that i acquired a couple Years back, I like what you are doing and I will most likely be placing an order within the next month or 2! And its good to hear that the NGPC Scene is still alive and kicking to an extent 🙂
    Thanks Again for the Awesome work!!

    • Flavor Reply

      It’s great to hear from you, Icer Jo! Any friend of the NGPC is a friend of mine/ours. Check out the to see what else is going on in the scene, too. Let me know when you’re ready to order some stuff, and I’ll make sure to have something ready.

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