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WonderSwan Flash Cart Development First of all, thanks for helping to make our survey a success.  We are no longer taking survey submissions, because it’s a maintenance issue to keep up with new responses.  If you still want your voice heard, please leave a comment on this post or use the contact form to send direct email messages.

The Neo Geo Pocket scene is going great, actually. We are still shipping Neo Pocket Flash Masta kits all over the world. In fact, it seems like these are ramping up lately. We just shipped out two yesterday. You’re keeping us busy! We appreciate that.

Speaking of keeping busy, let’s talk about WonderSwan a bit. Yeah, it’s not moving along at lightning speed, but it is moving along. We’re testing new prototype and test boards that we just got in. We ran into a big problem with the previous version, and it was very hard to test to see what the problem was. Thanks to Andrew (my partner in this), the new boards are a lot easier to do incremental tests on and debug.

We have a incremental plan laid out, and increment #1 seems to be a go. I’d say that we have a few more hurdles to leap before we’re ready to worry about resizing the PCB and coming up with solution for end users. Things are looking much better now, though. Stay tuned.

Stickers: I know that some of you are patiently waiting for your stickers. I know that I advertised stickers for people that previously purchased a Neo Pocket flash cart, and I have your information from the survey. I had hoped to get these out in stages, but it will be much easier now that the survey is closed. I can just do them all at once. Expect these to ship soon.

That’s the update from our end. Leave a comment and tell us what retro games you been playing lately.

12 comments on “Stickers Shipping / WonderSwan News”

  1. Lukezab Reply

    SUGOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII….(fantastic) I appreciate your works :-)… I love the wonderswan game, and i remain on hold for more succefull news… :-)))

  2. mic Reply

    Nice to hear that the WonderSwan cart project is progressing. I recently picked up a SwanCrystal (I already had a regular WS and WSC), so I’m all set console-wise :T

  3. richi Reply

    Hi there
    At Last I see some of your flavor cartridge project WonderSwan
    I’m anxious to see the result and how will the cartridge
    I quedre one and these cartridges

  4. Jeeron Reply

    Good Luck for the wonderswan project progression !
    I play on gunpey actually ! 😀

  5. suugiken Reply

    I appreciate all of you to make a flashcart of WonderSwan, that’s my faviourite portable game machine,but the carts are to hard to buy.I always play Gundam games of it,ther are better than many other flatform’s one.

  6. goldenegg Reply

    Can’t wait for the Wonderswan cart! I just ordered a WonderSwan Color to complete my collection (already had a B&W and Crystal). Any chance these will be available before the holidays?

  7. Cubelindo Reply

    By the way, maybe it would be interesting to make a bundle NGPC + Wonderswan flashcarts when you release it

  8. richi Reply

    When cres you’ll have cards available for WonderSwan
    I’m always on the news of your wep

    • Flavor Reply

      It has definitely not stopped. It was VERY slow for a long time. It has sped up again recently. I can’t believe that it has been so long since I posted an update. Crazy. I will need to write something new. Thank you for prompting me.

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