Swan Wonder: Episode IV – A New Batch (Wonderswan Flash Carts Now Available)

It is a period of civil war.  Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire.

Oh, wait. Let’s start over.

It is a period of COVID war. Retro gamers, distancing from society, have won victories against the evil modern gaming consoles.

Is that better?


Anyway, enough silliness. We have new WS Flash Masta carts ready to ship, FINALLY. Oh, man. We keep trying to get to the point of keeping these in stock and ready to ship at all times. We just keep running into hurdles that slow us down, so we have to catch up and then hit the next hurdle. There was a point where I had thought we might have this batch ready before Christmas. Then we hit major delays in shipping, customs, holidays, family stuff, etc.

Actually, while writing this, we had a web server outage. In fact, I think our site is now running at VERY SLOW instead of NONFUNCTIONAL. I hope it continues to run.

But, that’s all behind us now. I wrote that previous sentence before the server problem.

But, we are ready to ship! I hope you can use the site to make your order.

I can’t even link a graphic here, because it’s so slow at the moment. I’ll just wrap up this silly typing and leave you with this link…


5 comments on “Swan Wonder: Episode IV – A New Batch (Wonderswan Flash Carts Now Available)”

  1. John Willer Reply

    When I entered I still hadn’t posted, an hour later it was over? As I didn’t post at the time I said, I thought I would just post tomorrow as I said, I thought it was unfair

  2. Mark Dell Reply

    I’m used to things selling out quickly but this is a bummer. I hope I don’t just see a pile of them on eBay and the buyers are people who truly wanted them too

  3. Six Reply

    I’ll look forward to the next run.

    I *think* I signed up for notifications, but I didn’t see the email.

    Commenting because I want to make sure I show there’s still a demand for more.

  4. Dakota Trotter Reply

    I received the notification and was able to get in very quickly; just wanted to note that not everyone that got through were scalpers ^^ I hope you’re all able to get yours soon.

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