Swap Meet Flash Masta

TL;DR Flash Masta carts are on sale and Refurbished Backlit WonderSwan Color in stock.

Circa 1993, I was listening to the Sir Mix-a-Lot “Mack Daddy” CD on repeat. The version of “Swap Meet Louie” in the following video is actually not the same version that appears on the album, but the addition of video really helps illustrate the struggle against fake products that includes gun violence in response to inquiring about product returns and Mix-a-Lot himself, “sockin’ more fools than Patrick Swayze.” Read more about the 1992 song and lyrics at https://genius.com/Sir-mix-a-lot-swap-meet-louie-lyrics.

Even Lady Gaga has had struggles with fakes in her recent documentary, “House of Gucci,” and that story ends with Kylo Ren getting murdered! Maybe disregard that last sentence, and let’s just move on.

A guy named Oscar Wilde once said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” I guess that’s some consolation, but when the imitation crosses over to the point where consumers can’t tell the difference between the original and the fake, it just hurts the users and the original creators. The bootleg seller grabs cash and offers no support or responsibility.

This has been happening to us recently. These “2 in 1 Neogeo USB” cartridges started showing up on Chinese sites. At first, I think they weren’t selling very many, and I think most people that cared knew that it was a bootleg clone. Now, just recently, when people search for our “Flash Masta” these fakes are coming up more and more often and some other sites in other countries have started importing and reselling these fakes.


So, we feel the need to start educating our customers in the hopes that the info will spread and help the community to make more informed purchasing decisions. To help this effort, we’ve just published our “Spotting Fakes” page to help identify the differences between our carts and the fakes.


If you have purchased one of these counterfeit bootleg clones, I highly recommend that you ask for your money back. Some sites will allow you to open a dispute due to it being a “counterfeit, fake, or replica item.”

And, to commemorate this joyous occasion, we’ve decided to put our Flash Masta cartridges on sale for a limited time to make them even more enticing compared to the fakes.

Links to purchase official Neo Pocket Flash Masta USB 32mbit cartridges

Well, that’s been emotionally draining.

Other News

We have refurbished WonderSwan Color (with pre-installed IPS Backlight LCD) back in stock. Head over to the WonderSwan Color Refurbished With IPS LCD Installed product page for those.

If you are looking to buy a specific refurbished WSC that’s out of stock or not listed, reach out to us. We have a bunch of Wonderswan Color consoles that we will be refurbishing and installing IPS kits in over the coming weeks. If you’re ready to buy, we can likely prioritize that.

We have also just listed some WonderSwan Cartridge Dust Covers that, at one time, were likely sold with official game carts. For your dust blocking, we recommend our 3D Printed WonderSwan Cartridge Dust Covers, but we know that some people want the originals.

Thank You!

We would like to thank all of you loyal customers for your continued support!

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  1. DarakuTenshi Reply

    My goodness, how scummy. They make an inferior product and expect you to help their scammed customers.

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