Thor’s Linkmasta

The first “release candidate” Linkmasta was built last night. This is intended to be Thor’s unit. You might remember Thor from such scene releases as:

Anyway, the plan is to get this unit ready to send to him, so he can use it, test it, and get some new creations prepared for the NGPC. Check out some shots of it.

DSC08264 DSC08265 DSC08266 DSC08267 DSC08268

Unfortunately, it’s not quite ready for me to send. There’s an issue with writing. It seems to dump carts just fine, but writes aren’t going through properly. I haven’t yet debugged this, so I’m hoping it’s a minor issue (hopefully software).

Also, the latest news on the Flashmasta is disappointing. Gerry got the PCB and soldered it all up. However, it’s not working. At this point, I’ve started wondering if it’s possibly a bad chip, because the symptoms are so crazy. I’m going to have to make a custom app for the parallel port linker (since Gerry doesn’t yet have the USB version) to aid in debugging this latest speedbump.

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  1. Flavor Reply

    I found the problem with the Linkmasta PCB. There was a bad trace. It was my fault from when I created the board layout. Once I tracked it down, it was easy to fix.

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