Units Available, Artwork Coming, Reviews, etc.

Savemasta Socket On Neo Linkmasta

Units Available: If you didn’t notice, there are bundles available on the Purchase Page. I put them up as I make them, but my next push (after this set) may be different. Soon, I am hoping to have a whole bunch ready. They are still being hand made and hand cut, but I ordered more parts this time. I also have been refining my process, and I hope to be able to have a larger group ready all at once instead of just a few here and there like in the past.

Video: I think I currently have 35 LIKEs on my video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTkt11HlMa0 I still need more. If you have a Google/Gmail/YouTube account, I think you can hit the Thumbs-Up LIKE button. If you didn’t realize, I’m trying to win a competition.

Artwork: Thanks to Scaramouche over at Consolas Portatiles, I think that the Linkmasta and Flashmasta are going to have accompanying artwork. The plan is to have labels made for those two items and boxes made for packaging. Scaramouche is overseeing the entire project, and the Argentinian comic artist, Federico Mazza, is being commissioned for the drawings. Check samples of his work at http://mazzartproductions.com/. I have no idea when this will come to fruition, but I am very excited about the development.

Reviews: I’m compiling a list of reviews/posts from people that have received a Linkmasta/Flashmasta. If you got a bundle from me, and you posted something about it, leave a comment. I’ll add it to the list. At some point, I will probably make a separate “reviews” page with quotes and such.

SaveMasta: I finally got around to adding a NeoSaveMasta socket to one of the Neo Linkmasta units for testing. If you don’t know, the Neo Geo MVS and AES can use a memory card for saving scores and such. NeoTurfMasta currently sells these NeoSaveMasta V2 on his website. If you didn’t notice, that’s where I got my naming scheme from. The Linkmasta can read and write these memory cards, but there hasn’t been much work on this feature yet. Essentially, it can backup/dump them and restore a backup. In the future, I envision some sort of online score database that gamers can interface using the Linkmasta and their SaveMasta. Oh, and let me make this clear. The unit shown in the picture is just a prototype. It’s not how they come when you get a Linkmasta. Maybe someday that may be an option, but not now. Also note that the Linkmasta has another expansion port on it. If you’re curious about that, check the Linkmasta expansion port pinout.

That’s it for today. As always, leave a comment. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Oh, and do you think we need a forum for any reason, or is the comment section good enough?

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  1. Aron Reply

    Hi, I have a question…

    I live in South Korea, Is it possible to ship in my country?

    If you can, plz let me know!!^^ thx!

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