WonderBeat 9480

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    • Flavor Reply

      Hey Jono,

      I do expect that we will make another batch sometime (maybe soon). It’s really hard to tell. They’re tricky to make, and they require parts that are hard to acquire.


      I’d recommend signing up there to get notified when we post news. That’s the best I can say at the moment.


  1. Conner Clere Reply

    Just got mine, it works great! I’m wondering though, have you guys drawn up any designs for a 3d printed case? The HDMI connector fits just fine but it is a bit wobbly from front-to-back – would be nice to have a little case a-la the wonderwave to keep it more steady and keep my grubby hands off the circuitry when holding the device 😉

    • Flavor Reply

      Hey Conner! I’m glad you like it. We definitely made some design decisions based on the fact that we would also want to see a case designed for it. We have not done that 3D design work ourselves yet. We’d love to see someone in the community come up with something, but we may get to it at some point.

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