WonderSwan Flash Masta – Another Batch Ready To Ship

WS Flash Masta Latest Batch

We have just completed another batch of WS Flash Masta cartridges! As I mentioned last time, these have been very popular, and they sell out quickly when we list them. We are trying to make batches more frequently and in larger quantities. Last time they sold out in a matter of hours, so I hope these last a bit longer. There’s also a coupon code below, if you also want a Neo Geo Pocket flash cart.

We just added a new option and changed the pricing to reflect that. We now offer the cartridge as a PCB only, pre-installed into a shell, and pre-installed with a dust cover.

Note that the “Circuit Board Only” option will need to be installed into a plastic shell. You can use one from another game you already own, but you’ll need to shave/cut some of the plastic (for example to make an opening for the USB and some other parts).

We ran this same add-a-NGPC-cart promotion last time, so I’ll just copy/paste that coupon code and text here.

I know that some of you are wanting to purchase a Wonderswan flash cart AND a Neo Geo Pocket flash cart. As an added incentive, we’ll give you $10 off if you purchase them together! To get $10 off of your order when you purchase a Neo Pocket Flash Masta WITH your WS Flash Masta, please use the following coupon.

Coupon Code: FM_WS_PLUS_NGPC_10

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