WS Flash Masta Carts Available SOON

New 3D Printed WS FM shell thanks to “Hipcat”

This is just a quick post to give you a heads-up. We plan (if everything goes well) to list a new batch of WS Flash Masta cartridges for sale on Thursday February 18th (probably in the morning, US Mountain time zone).

As you may know, these often sell out very quickly. If you’ve been waiting for one, here’s your fair warning.  We plan to try to get to the point of keeping these in stock instead of producing a batch, selling out, repeat.  It has been difficult to get to that point, though.  For example, this time around, it took over 2 months to receive the circuit boards, as they were slow to produce and then got stuck in FedEx shipping/customs limbo for weeks.

I will be out of town for a funeral on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, we plan to get these all finalized.  On Thursday, we hope to start selling and shipping them.  If you don’t see them posted on Thursday morning, watch on Friday morning.  If we really have a big problem by then, we’ll probably post news on Friday.

New 3D Printed NGP FM shell thanks to “Hipcat”

These will feature a new 3D-printed shell for the WS Flash Masta.  We’ve been working closely with a guy called Hipcat on these, shells and I think they’ve turned out quite nice!  He is also working with us to produce 3D-printed shells for the Neo Pocket Flash Masta.  If you already own a WS or NGP Flash Masta, and you want a new shell for it, head over to our shopNOTE that the 3D printed shell for the WS Flash Masta will NOT work for the older fat circuit board that was designed to work without a shell.

Also, please note that it seems like international shipping has been slower than usual lately. COVID definitely had a big effect on the shipping speeds, but I thought that things were getting better leading up to Christmas. It was no surprise that shipping around Christmas was congested, but I would have expected it to get back to normal by now. That does not seem to be the case. If you are ordering from outside of the USA, please expect delays between the package leaving the US and it entering your country. It seems that the customs process is the main bottleneck here, but this is only speculation.

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  1. Aaron Reply

    So what time in the morning, may I ask? And would said time be eastern or pacific US time? Thank you so much for the hard work and an awesome product!

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