WS Flash Masta Carts Listed Now (PRESALE)

22 comments on “WS Flash Masta Carts Listed Now (PRESALE)”

  1. Vintage Vic Reply

    I literally started refreshing the page over and over starying about 30 mins before they went up for sale. Glad I was able to get in before they sold out!

  2. Frosty Reply

    Honestly, I don’t say this because I want to ensure I get a unit, but I think it only fair that everyone who has been waiting patiently to purchase a unit gets a fair chance.

    I would suggest starting an email waiting list for the WS Flash Masta, similar to that employed by the OSSC team during it’s start. It would keep track of what position you are in line to order.

    When you create another batch of 50 units, for example, you send a link out to the next 50 people in line. This gives them the chance to order a unit. You give them 24 to 48 hours to purchase. When the timer expires, you kill their link and send out another link to the next person in line.

    As I stated earlier, I’m not mentioning this because I want a unit. I mention this because it is a popular item and I think every person who has been waiting patiently to purchase one has a fair chance to order one. I just want to see that everyone is happy in a fair way.

    I understand if this is not the direction you want to take, I just wanted to make the suggestion.

    • Flavor Reply

      I really don’t know. The way it’s currently built, it’s difficult to manufacture and hard to find parts for. We are working on some changes that may help that.

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