WS Flash Masta Limited Supply Available & Now Selling Backlight IPS LCDs for WSC and NGPC

We are going to try this a little differently this time. Last time, we announced that we would be listing WS Flash Masta carts for sale in two days. That was on a Monday. On Wednesday, maybe due to all the people checking the site, our webserver went down and many people couldn’t get the carts when we had said that they’d be available. We can’t seem to get it perfect, but we keep making carts (albeit inconsistently).


So, this time, we plan to list carts for sale at 12:00 (NOON) MDT (Mountain Daylight Time). That’s in about 2 hours from now (as I type). I’m hoping that people get the email version of this news article by the time we add the stock to the site.

WS Flash Masta USB (Cartridge for WonderSwan)

I also want to announce that we are also now selling Backlit IPS LCD Kits for Wonderswan Color and Backlit IPS LCD Kits for Neo Geo Picket Color. Check those out if you want to take your retrogaming to a new level.

I guess, if we’re doing announcements, I’ll also mention that we have a couple Neo Geo Pocket Color (NGPC) games in stock, too. In fact, we now have dust covers for NGPC carts, but I just realized that I haven’t made a page for them, yet. I’ll do that now.

Actually, just click the following link, and you can see everything available in our shop.

Flash Masta Carts And Accessories: Shop

8 comments on “WS Flash Masta Limited Supply Available & Now Selling Backlight IPS LCDs for WSC and NGPC”

  1. 0xFFFFFFFF Reply

    Will you be sharing more info regarding the IPS LCD screens, including supplier/manufacturer, installation guide, and compatibility? I am most curious about the wonderswan screen; I have read about another WS LCD replacement recently, and the main points were that the LCD did not match the original’s refresh rate, and that it didn’t work for all games either. Would feel better about ordering if you could provide this info.

  2. Ronald Osbeck Reply

    Would you ever do a queuing system? Like did with their 2020 release of satistor for sega sturn? people sign up to get in a queue and have a certain amount of time maybe a day or even 6 hours to make their purchase, a single creditcard and email is allowed a single purchase, the querying position is based on when you sign up, perhaps even have signing up cost $5 or $10. it just seems like they’re always sold out and then immediately afterwards I see ws flashmasta’s on eBay for quadruple the price.
    It’d be a great way to get seed money to produce more ( sign up charge), keep the site from crashing, also keep those interested in purchasing from complaining, it would be fair and prevent scalping (to a degree).

    • Steve Reply

      Yes! I’m avoiding the eBay gouging but never seem to catch the flash drive sale in time.

  3. lim Reply

    When will the WS Flash Masta be available again??
    If so, can I make a reservation?

    • Flavor Reply

      We are hoping to have another batch ready in May. I can’t say for sure if that’s a good estimate or not.

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