WS Flash Masta – New Menu With Multiple Savegame Support

This is a quick post to inform all WS Flash Masta users that a new (currently released as a beta test version) menu ROM for the WS Flash Masta flash cartridge. This menu, made by Asie (, is called the WS CartFriend. This allows you to launch up to 15 other ROM files that are stored on the cartridge, just like the original menu does. However, in addition to that, this launcher implements a savegame switching feature to allow you to also have up to 15 different savegame “slots.”



If you want to test it out, I would suggest that you make a backup of anything on your cart that you care about. After that, burn the “CartFriend01b3a_FlashMasta.wsc” file to the first slot on your cartridge (overwriting the menu that was already there). Let us know how it works for you and definitely give Asie some praise/feedback for the hard work that went into this.

Keep in mind that it currently does not show slot game names, so you might want to take a photo of the list of slots/games on your cart before proceeding. I understand that one of the “todo” goals is to add the ability to edit the slot names.

To go along with this development menu, there is also the WS ExtFriend project. You can find it at It allows you to turn a Raspberry Pi Pico ($4) into a USB to WonderSwan (EXT port) communication cable. This can assist with homebrew ROM development by allowing the developer to upload and test new code using the USB->EXT cable while the WS is running.

Check all that stuff out! Exciting times!

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