WS Flash Masta Pre-Presale

Many people have been asking about pre-ordering the WS Flash Masta. I’m warming up to the idea, but I first want to get an idea of how many people are truly interested in this.

If you have a desire to pre-order the new flash cart that we are creating for the WonderSwan, then please follow this link and sign up. Think of this as a pre-preorder. This is not a first-come/first-serve sort of situation. Just sign up. I’m thinking that we’ll have this form up for a week or so. I really just need to understand what level of commitment people have and how many people are willing to take this early-adopter step.

SUBMISSION FORM CLOSED. Thanks for all the responses.

The signup page details a bit about the state of the WS Flash Masta cart and some of its current limitations. This is not meant to scare you off. I just really prefer to be open about this stuff. I don’t want anyone to jump on-board and then be disappointed.

Personally, I would prefer to have something completely ready before opening it up to the public, however I know that we could use some help with money, testing, and maybe even coding. If you go into this thinking that you are helping “kickstart” a process that has been slow moving, I think that’s a good attitude.

I’m always very pleased and humbled by the community here, and I’m excited to see how this early-adopter presale works out to benefit everyone. Thanks!

22 comments on “WS Flash Masta Pre-Presale”

    • Flavor Reply

      Thanks, djpannda. Testing help is great, but the main thing is a willingness to help and an excitement level about the project, I guess. 😀

    • Rob Hayes Reply

      The submission was closed but I am very interested in this. I have a lot of Wonderswan games I’d love to dump and patch with translations (looking at you Digimon).

  1. lukezab Reply

    Wonderfull :-))) i signed, it’s same position about djpannda, i’m not able to coding sorry 🙁

    • Flavor Reply

      Awesome, lukezab! Of course coding isn’t a requirement. Our time is spread pretty thin lately, and coding is just one place we MIGHT be helped.

  2. cefecoma Reply

    I’m afraid I don’t have the time required, but I’ve been spreading the word in case anyone else is interested. And I will surely get one of the final units.

  3. Bryan Low Reply

    To do, or not to do…..

    To heck with it!

    Sign me up!

    I can’t code in C, but I’ll help out however I can!

    One question though, is there any possible way in the foreseeable future to “Update” the cart via firmwares or something of the sort?

    Also, you had mentioned that the ability to dump saves off the SRAM into the mSD was available. If this was not a option available by the time of the release, would it be possible for a homebrew to be developed specifically for the dumping of saves into the mSD?

    Just some things I’ve been thinking about. :p

    • Flavor Reply

      Hey Bryan.

      There are 2 main software components right now. There is a firmware that runs on the cart’s microcontroller, and there’s the menu that will live on slot 0 and run on the actual WonderSwan. The cart’s firmware already has code to handle communication with the SD card and code to handle talking to the menu. The piece that needs to be developed is the menu that would be able to read/write the savegame or flash memory.

      So, yes, what you asked is pretty much exactly what I envision. The menu will be easy to upgrade/replace. This is the piece that needs the most work now, as I have mainly focused on the hardware and microcontroller code.

      • Bryan Low Reply

        I see. Good luck with that. o7

        I’m definitely on board, sign me up!

        I can’t wait!

  4. Florian Reply

    I joined the list as well for testing and will try to get some knowledge out of the internet to help with the code if my time schedule allows it.
    Count me in!

  5. Mattia Reply

    Good luck with the development 🙂 Thought about signing up but decided to leave the space one for someone that will have more time than me to properly test the device

  6. olivierB Reply

    It’s great news that the cart is nearing maturity, and I can’t wait to have my hands on one.
    But unfortunately I can’t code and I don’t have the time required for extensive testing, so I’ll pass on this first test batch.
    Good luck though, and count me as a definitive customer for the final version!

  7. Flavor Reply

    I just want you guys (like Mattia and olivierB that commented recently) to know that I appreciate that you are willing to step aside knowing that there may be others that can help more with testing/coding/etc.

  8. xsq Reply

    I’m still on the fence. I respect you for what you are doing and I would love to help, but I’d prefer to support the development directly until the cart design is further along and some of the issues it still seems to have are worked out.
    I’d be OK with a Kickstarter situation, I fully trust flavor, but I don’t want to put down $100 for a prototype that I would later replace with the final product (for another $100 (or more)).

    Keep on rocking.

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  11. Sean Reply

    I missed the sign up 🙁 but I am interested in it and seeing the limitations, etc.

  12. Froggy Reply

    I just find out this website. I have several wonderswan games but I don’t speak japenese so I was wondering if a card would afford to play roms translate in English. This is a really great Job. I’m supporting you !!

    • Flavor Reply

      Yes. If you find a ROM that is translated (or has a patch to translate), then you can use that on this cartridge. I am currently updating this website to include the new WS Flash Masta product.

  13. Jeff Reply

    Just reading back on all the old posts, kinda missed out when it was happening I guess. Can’t wait till you make some more wonderswan flashmastas, itching to play judgement silversword on hardware. Getting an original cart is an impossible $500 nowadays.

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