WS Flash Masta v5.1 / Looking For 10 More Early Adopters

We are getting close to calling this version ready for full release. We would just like to have some more people play with it a bit before we call it good.

If you’d like to be an early adopter AND you’re in the USA, please use this button to get yours before the official release. The 10 units have been sold. We will be working to validate these units and then move on to full production (assuming things go as expected).

We are limiting this first batch to USA purchases, just in case we need to recall them. We definitely do not expect to have any problems, but we just want to limit the impact in case we do need to fix something. So far, we have a handful of these in testing, and we haven’t heard much negative, yet.

Don’t forget to add a Wonderswan headphone adapter to your order, if you need one.

If you are interested in compatibility, so far we haven’t found anything that worked on the previous v4.4 cartridge that fails on this new v5.1. You can read a bit more about that on our WS Flash Masta v5.1 forum thread.

For users, this new v5.1 should work the same as the v4.4. It doesn’t add any new playability features. Here are the new benefits:

  • Cartridge Shell – The cartridge circuitry now fits inside of a modified WS cartridge shell.
  • Battery – The cartridge no longer relies on a battery to store savegame data, so you won’t ever need to replace a dying/leaking battery.
  • Manufacturable – The previous versions of the cartridge were troublesome to source parts for and difficult to assemble. This v5.1 version should be much easier to keep in stock, so we don’t have to trickle out tiny batches of carts sporadically and annoy people that miss the opportunity to buy.

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