WS Flash Masta (Wonderswan Flash Cartridge) Back In Stock [Plus Other Updates]

We have another batch of WS Flash Masta Cartridges ready to sell! For those of you that only care about this, here’s the button.


If you buy anything, expect these packages to start shipping early next week.

We also have stock of:

7 comments on “WS Flash Masta (Wonderswan Flash Cartridge) Back In Stock [Plus Other Updates]”

  1. Jason Reply

    Good luck to all trying to get a wonderswan flashmasta. I got mine during the last batch and it’s a great product!

  2. ztc Reply

    Out of stock again????only 6h????

  3. pugmagician1978 Reply

    So glad I managed to finally get one during this batch. I’ve missed it the last few times, they sell out so quick.

  4. HiNu7 Reply

    Is there a time frame for the next batch? And are these usually up for a few hours?

    • Flavor Reply

      There’s no specific time frame. Maybe we’d have them in June or July. They seem to sell out in a few hours, yes.

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