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NGPC Linker / Flash Cart (Linkmasta + Flash Masta) Bundles Available

I have been trying to get a bunch of bundles ready. It wasn’t my intention to announce that I only had 3 ready, but that’s the reality. I’m expecting to get a bunch more ready in about 2 weeks (when

NGPC Flash Cart Bundles For Those That Have Contacted Me

Summer has been a bit crazy. It definitely hasn’t been bad for me. I’ve had a chance to take a couple little vacations with another coming up, so I’m not complaining. It’s just that I’ve been off my regular schedule,

NGPC Flash Masta Cart and Linkmasta USB Linker Promotional Pictures

I had to send out a bundle this morning, and it occurred to me that I didn’t have any real recent pictures of the Flash Masta and Linkmasta bundles. I had a little photo shoot with some good poses. No,

How To Make A Videogame Cartridge Connector For Neo Geo Pocket (or Gameboy, NES, SNES, Genesis, etc.)

I just finished editing a tutorial video to instruct other makers and hackers how to make their own NGPC cartridge socket (or any other videogame cartridge socket). These cartridge connectors are impossible to find, unless you remove them from a

How To Install Linkmasta Drivers Under Windows (To Set Up Neo Geo Pocket Flash Masta Cartridge)

I had a chance to shoot some video this morning, so I made a little tutorial style video about how to install the Neo Pocket Linkmasta under Windows. I stole my wife’s laptop, because it had never gone through the

Bundles and Gear Available!

I’m putting some more bundles up for sale right now. To purchase, click here. I have several bundles ready that just need a bit of assembly before I send them out. I put some of them for sale just now,

More Flashmasta Available In A Week

Wow. Maybe that’s a record for me. All 9 bundles are already sold. I expect to have around 7 bundles available in another week or so when I get some more soldering done. For those of you that have just

Neo Geo Pocket Development Kits For Sale

The day is finally upon us. The NGPC Flashmasta and Linkmasta bundles are once again available for purchase. I have all the parts in stock, and I just have a few small assembly bits to complete before they’re ready to & NGPC Flash Carts Almost Ready

Well, I now have a new daughter that arrived at the end of March, so things haven’t been quite normal recently. The good news (besides having a healthy newborn of course) is that a friend of mine has started helping

Neo Geo Pocket Flash Carts: Still Producing Units, Slowly

Over on the Freeplaytech Forum, there’s a small thread about wanting to purchase a NGPC flash cart and linker bundle. I posted there about how things are looking for people that want to purchase bundles. I figured that information would