Game Pie Advance: Now Taking Preorders

Don’t worry! The marks on the screen are actually on the lens protector.

I wrote up a little post over at the Game Pie Advance site about Pre-Selling GPA v2 DIY kits. Since the store is actually hosted on this site, I figured I should post about it here, too.

If you want to just jump to the product page, there’s plenty of info there.

Otherwise, I’ll give you a brief description of what it is here. The Game Pie Advance (GPA), as you may already know, is a project we’ve been working on to allow you to put the RetroPie Linux distribution on your Raspberry Pi Zero and fit it all inside of a GBA shell. The end result should mostly look and feel like a GBA, but it will be running a system made for emulation.

If you don’t already know about RetroPie, you should probably head over to their page and learn a bit about it.

As far as this pre-sale goes, we are collecting orders now, so we can purchase PCBs, LCDs, and other parts. We are also engineering in a couple new main features like battery charging and the option to add X/Y buttons. See the GPA DIY preorder page for more info about all that stuff.

Also, I’d like to ask for your help a bit here. As we’re trying to “kickstart” this version 2 kit with help from preorders, I’d be awesome if you could share links to this project wherever you might think it’s appropriate.


12 thoughts on “Game Pie Advance: Now Taking Preorders

    1. Flavor Post author

      Oh, thanks Jeff. I don’t know how I missed that link messup.

      Yes, I’ve definitely thought about Kickstarter. Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like there’s a lot of time/effort that needs to be done just to make a Kickstarter campaign. It’s basically like running a whole marketing campaign, isn’t it?

    2. Flavor Post author

      By the way, in case any of you care about the NGPC homebrew history, Jeff Siebold is an OG from back in the Bung cartridge days. Him and I competed against each other in a Bung coding competition circa 2000. IIRC neither of us won, but maybe Jeff placed in the Neo Geo Pocket category. I think my submission was for Game Boy.

      EDIT: It seems that we competed in the GB category (Jeff’s was “Maze” and mine was “Arkaid”)

      and then Jeff went on to port his entry to NGPC.

  1. Keng

    I am VERY interested. There will be an instructions manual right?

    Hopefully so.

    Any estimated dates on when these will start shipping out?

    Im looking foward to this!!! Keep it up you guys!

    1. Flavor Post author

      The first small batch (about 10) shipped yesterday. I have not done a proper manual yet, but I’ve given builder a lot of photos I’ve taken. I plan to do a manual or something similar.

  2. Robert Curtis

    Very interested….. ok I’ll admit I’m sold would like to know when the next batch of preorders will be available

    Just take my money!

    1. Flavor Post author

      I can’t argue with that sentiment! 😀

      First, I suggest that you go to and sign up to get notified when we post news.

      Asking me again in a week or so would also be a fairly good idea.

      We are in the middle of building the v2.1 kits that were preordered already. Some have already been shipped. I really hope to be done shipping those this week. After that, we’ll know more.

      1. Robert Curtis

        Thank you for the reply!

        I know patience dear boy patience

        I have signed up and just gotta wait…. has it been a week yet? Lol

        Such a good job on it I’m looking forward to getting my hands on one!


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