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I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been building hardware. There have been several new users over the last month, and I’ve been plugging away and refining things. The latest development that I want to mention is something that Mr. Spiv has been working on. There is an early version of the GUI available. It definitely needs fixing and testing, but I thought that you guys might want to check it out.

Please try it, and let us know what you think. If you think there is an error, be sure to mention it. Those will, of course, take priority over “wish list” sort of items.

Also, there are things that just haven’t been implemented, yet. For example, the “/u” option from the command-line version is not yet available in the GUI. This would speed up writing on Flashmasta cartridges, so writing will be a bit slower at first. This sort of thing is still worth mentioning, though. If you used the command-line version in a certain way that is not available on the GUI, mention it. This will help me better know what people want and how they’re using it.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to the DOWNLOADS page, and check out the “Windows GUI Early Test” or “Mac GUI Early Test.”

7 comments on “GUI Test Version For Windows/Mac”

  1. Mr.Spiv Reply

    The OSX version is also up there.. once Ed gets it posted. The OSX version is identical to Windows one and supports multiple architectures (i386, X86_64 and PPC). Minimum OSX requirement is 10.5. Later I might do special build for 10.4 if someone really needs such.

  2. Flavor Reply

    Yep, I just added it, and changed the name of this post to include Mac. Can I call it Mac, or do I need to say OSX? 🙂

  3. ponrev Reply

    GUI was tested now. (WinVista,JPN)
    But, character is not displayed normally. It is small and crushed touch, and CMD window comes out.
    However, this seems to be easy-to-use. 🙂

      • ponrev Reply

        Screen shot was sent by e-mail now.
        It froze, when starting by WinXProSP2(JPN).
        I think that how to use unicode probably has a cause.

  4. Mr.Spiv Reply

    I’ll try to complete the missing functionality this weekend (mainly preferences and remove the remaining debug code). If and when you find issue, also let me know.. (jouni.korhonen at

    Anyone needs a linux build?

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