Neo Pocket Flash Masta Cyber Week Sale

We just got some new stock of the Neo Pocket Flash Masta cartridges. We had wanted to do a Cyber Monday sale, but we had to wait until we had these additional cartridges. Well that just happened!

Now we can offer the celebratory sale. I know it’s already a bit late in the week, so we will run this 10% off coupon through the weekend. You can apply it at checkout for ten percent off your order.


Thank you all for following our project, and have a great holiday season. We really do appreciate you!

7 thoughts on “Neo Pocket Flash Masta Cyber Week Sale

  1. Alejandro Sánchez

    This 10% is only applicable to NeoGeo ot to Wonderswan too?

    I already bought the Neo Geo Flashmasta and I very much recommend it!

    1. Flavor Post author

      We don’t have WonderSwan cartridges in stock, so (unfortunately) we can’t apply the discount to something we can’t sell.

    1. Flavor Post author

      Well, I’d like to. We have been pretty overwhelmed with projects and real life lately, though. Hmm. It’s tough to say, and we’re almost there, I think.


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