New Laser Cut Linkmasta Enclosures

I just picked up a batch of laser cut enclosures for the Linkmasta USB NGPC cart reader/programmer. I thought you might be interested in seeing the result.

6 thoughts on “New Laser Cut Linkmasta Enclosures

  1. jrronimo

    Love the cleanliness of the laser cut ones. They look super nice and professional. It’s a shame they can’t do the side USB cut, too. :/

    What’s the price difference between the two?

    1. Flavor Post author

      I think it’s because the top piece is so flat and easy to load into their laser cutter. The “bowl” shape of the bottom piece makes it too difficult to load into their machinery, I guess. Maybe if the cut was on the actual bottom, it would work. I don’t know. The side cut isn’t particularly difficult for me to do, but it would be much cleaner if the laser could do it.

  2. Kaz

    That’s smooth! Very uniform. Odd they can do the screw pits and not the mini-USB. The laser cut is of course going to be physically easier on you (since it can be automated), but the cost is… well, the cost.

    (Also, damn, forgot about the shirts. If there were still L’s, I could have been advertising it around PAX East this weekend.)


  3. Tehcno

    Nice, that should save you some time. I hope the cost of getting it cut was not too bad. I really do like the way the laser cut does look, but is it worth the cost?

    1. Flavor Post author

      I think it is this time. The second run was close to half the price of the first. The first run was maybe too expensive to keep doing, but it was worthwhile just to learn about the process. I think it’s worth my time to have them done like this.


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