Red Flashmasta

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  1. Reznor Reply

    Nice!I love the color, Crystal cases would be nice for the carts (but seems impossible…).
    What about the “byteblaster” on the top right?

    • Flavor Reply

      That Byteblaster is my secret interface that only you and I know about. Actually, it’s the way I reprogram the CPLD chip with code updates. For the proto carts, it’s on there in case I need to solder a pin header on. Now, I’m not sure if I’ll leave it on future revisions or not. It doesn’t hurt anything to keep it, so we’ll see.

      I love the color, too. For now, only the first 10 PCBs will be red like this. It’s sort of a limited edition thing. They will be normal green after, because the red costs more.

      I don’t intend to make cart cases. 3D design/fabrication is NOT my thing. It is made to fit in existing cart cases. For now, a user will need to replace another cart PCB with this one. In the future, I may be able to source some “sac” carts.

      • Reznor Reply

        Cart cases would be far too much expensive. It’s really nice seeing a working homebrew flashcart after all that time and projects that aborted.
        Furthermore, is it final or do you still have things to improve/test?

        • Flavor Reply

          It seems to work well. I feel like it needs more testing, but I don’t have any specific problems at the moment.

          • Bluey

            Let me buy one Flavor, and I will test it for you! 🙂 Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere, but will this also allow for game save-states to be stored on the card as well? And if so does it use the same flash memory that stores the homebrew rom to store the save-states, or does it use a piece of dedicated flash memory for game save-states? Congratulations again on the Red FlashMasta, it looks great!

  2. Flavor Reply

    It uses the same technique for save-game data as the original game cartridges did. The game data (ROM) and save are both stored in the same flash memory. I hope that’s clear enough. I’ve been too focused on soldering to do much in the way of testing. I’ll email you.

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