Video From Turfmasta

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  1. Reznor Reply

    Keep going with the good work. I can’t use my bung linker anymore, I have great hopes in your project.

    • Flavor Reply

      Trent, is that you? Yeah, the linker deal is working well. It can replace the Bung parallel port linker. It needs a bit more testing/tweaking, but it’s good.

      • Reznor Reply

        Nope, of course it’s not Trent…
        good to see that the linker works, I hope that you’ll manage to do a flashcart.

  2. loïc Reply

    great to see a good alternative to the old bung linker.
    great project, keep going !

    • Flavor Reply

      Is this the famous Loïc that did Shufflepuck Cafe on the NGPC?

      Either way, thanks for the comment!

      • loïc Reply

        indeed !

        but you’re welcome, you really did a good job with this linker. Hope I can get one someday (alon with flash cards, mine are acting odd now).

        • Flavor Reply

          Did you see the latest post here? There’s a video of the new flash cart. Hopefully when the solder dries, the thing actually works. Do you ever chat with Thor (also in France)? I think he’s getting one of these USB linkers soon.

          • loïc

            Yes I’ve seen the last trailer, nice video !

            About Thor, last time I talked to him was when I was using his hicolor code for the tetris clone.

  3. loïc Reply

    yep 😉
    you did a great job with the Giana’s return, I still have to finish it on the Pandora

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