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Price Cut – Neo Pocket Flash Masta Now Under $50

It’s a big day for us here at the Flash Masta project. You may not have realized it, but, up till now, we have been soldering all the Flash Masta products by hand. We have experimented with many different ways to apply solder or place parts, but it’s basically been a lot of manual labor to produce each cartridge.

Today we received our first batch of fully assembled Neo Pocket Flash Masta circuit boards, and we are pretty excited about the result. Not only will it take us less time to make these cartridges, but we can now offer them to you for a cheaper price. It’s a win-win, and I’m hoping that you guys are excited about it, too.

The Neo Pocket Flash Masta 32M flash cart can now be purchased for under $50. We are hoping that you could help spread the word a bit, too. If you wouldn’t mind, please post this news on Twitter, Facebook, reddit, forums, etc, because we are hoping that this will bring new developers and players to the NGPC platform. I always feel a bit odd self promoting this stuff, so help is always appreciated! I tried to make it easy by making the links (Twitter & Facebook) pre-populate some information for you.

I do want to be clear that there is a small catch to that $50 price I mentioned. Because it is getting more and more difficult to find the plastic shells to use for these flash carts, we are changing the way we sell the Neo Pocket Flash Masta. In the past, the circuit board that we produce came bundled with a USB cable and pre-installed inside of a plastic Neo Geo Pocket game cartridge shell. Now, we are offering these “extras” as options.

If you already have a plastic game shell that you could use, you can purchase the Neo Pocket Flash Masta without the shell for under $50. If you don’t have an extra game cart/shell (but you still want to cut and drill your own), you can purchase it with an uncut shell (a sacrificial game). If you want to just plug-and-play without doing any extra work yourself, you can buy the Neo Pocket Flash Masta circuit board already installed inside of a pre-cut shell.

So happy with how my #GamePieAdvance build came out! – Zach, AZ, USA

You can see all the options here:

In other news, we are again taking preorders for the Game Pie Advance kits. This v2.1 kit has some minor changes from the v2.0 kit that are mainly to do with the placement of parts and other issues that make it easier for us to produce. If you’re interested in having a handheld Raspberry Pi, check out our product page for the GPA at I you want to see our showcase of customers’ completed builds, that’s here:

Black Friday 2016


This image doesn’t have anything to with this post, but it brings back fond memories.

There hasn’t been a lot to publicly announce lately, so I’ve been fairly quiet as far as posting articles goes. The last time I posted here was August.

Today I am in the Thanksgiving spirit, and am spending the holidays with family. Today someone brought the Thanksgiving newspaper that is always full of Black Friday advertisements, so it reminded me that we were considering trying our own BF sale here.

Coupon Code: EXPIRED

Well, I have to run. I was just hailed to come get lunch (not Thanksgiving dinner quite yet).

SNK Neo Geo Pocket Keychains & Flash Carts In Stock

IMG_9032We have a new batch of Neo Pocket Flash Masta USB cartridges back in stock today. To go along with them, we also have some new (semi-experimental) NGPC keychains.

Check them out here:

Comment here to let us know what you think of the keychains. When I first had the idea to make them, I tried to save the cartridge stickers. You can see in the product photos that some keychains have an original sticker on the back. Once we actually did the rubberizing process, many stickers curled up. I think the ones without stickers may look the best, but we have also tried Flash Masta stickers on some. Which is your favorite?

P.S. I was really pleased with the response we got to the WonderSwan early adopter survey. We are now waiting for some PCBs to arrive, and then I expect to be contacting people in a few rounds of emails (based on the responses we received) to start the preorder process for WS Flash Masta.

Just Before April Fools (WS News & NGPC Stock)

WonderSwan Flash Masta Cartridge 3-31-16I don’t want anyone to think I’m trying to fool them, so I’ll try to publish this just before all that starts happening. There has been a lot happening here. In some ways I have nothing much to report, and in other ways, I have too much going on.

First of all, some of you may already be aware, but we have re-designed the circuit board for the WS Flash Masta cart. You can see it to the right (or click on the pic for a larger view). As you may notice, it has an on-board MicroSD card. I had some issues talking to the cartridge and having the cartridge communicate with the SD card at the same time. I have come up with a fix, but, sadly, it will require a new PCB revision. 🙁 On the upside, we were able to fit all the goodies on a circuit board that doesn’t stick out of the WonderSwan. Woooooo!

The plan is to make sure that’s all that needs fixing, make another set of prototypes, and then do a run of 25-30 boards for you early adopters that want to jump on it ASAP. I know there are plenty of people that have been excitedly waiting for our release. I wish it was a quicker process. I apologize for that.

In Neo Geo Pocket news, we continue to play with the manufacturing process. The last few times we have built up 10 or so boards, they’ve sold out almost immediately. Because of that, we continue working toward a better “mass” production method. We now own a LitePlacer to potentially help the process along. So far we haven’t worked out the kinks in the process, but we hope that it will be a very effective way of producing PCBs once we get everything tuned.

In the process, however, we have built up a bunch of NGPC USB cartridges and will likely be building more in 2 weeks or so. If you want one, here’s where to go:

At the time of writing this, we have several units in stock (ready to ship). I will try to update this when they sell out. They sold out very quickly again. We will try to make more ASAP (maybe in a couple weeks).

Have A Happy April Fools Day, Tomorrow!

We Just Keep On Keepin’ On

To be honest, I really don’t have much to report. On the WonderSwan front, we are re-designing our circuit board. The current design seems completely functional, but now we are trying to reduce the board size to fit in a WonderSwan without sticking out.

The main reason I’m posting today is that we have 10 more NGPC USB cartridges in stock. I don’t really want my posts to be all about having carts soldered up and ready to sell. However, I know that people ask me about this lately, and my standard reply is that they should watch here to know when there are some ready. Until I come up with a better procedure, I guess I’ll have to post whenever we have some new units ready for people.

Neo Pocket Flash Masta USB - Buy It Now
Please Click Here To Go To The Product Page

Otherwise, I hope you gamers are having a great 2016 so far. I know we’re only 2 weeks in, but it’s been good for me so far. That’s partially thanks to you guys, so THANK YOU.

Cart Wars: The Flash Awakens

IMG_6609I’ll get the big news out of the way first. I’m going to see Star Wars a little later today. Wait, what? You wanted better news? Hmm. Well, I guess to compensate, I can offer some more NGPC USB Flash Masta carts for sale.

We only have 6 of these to offer today. I really wanted to get more before Christmas. Maybe we’ll get another batch ready before then. I soldered up 10 of these carts, but 4 of them have some issues that didn’t pass QA. That probably means we’ll have 4 more ready next week (when I find some small soldering error), but I can’t guarantee it.

Neo Pocket Flash Masta USB - Buy It Now
Sold Out – $79.95 (Plus $3.99 Global Shipping & Handling)

Last time (near Thanksgiving) we put up 8 for sale they were gone in less than a day. I have no idea how quick these 6 will go, but I know that there are people waiting for me to release these. Please see for more info.

May the force be with you!

Introducing the Neo Pocket Flash Masta USB Cartridge (and New Software)

Neo Pocket Flash Masta USB - Shown With MVSLast month we announced that we were clearing out some of the “old” style cartridges, because some changes were coming. Today, we are finally announcing the new version. We have already sent out some early test versions to some specific people. The feedback has been good, which really means that there haven’t been any major problems reported.

The new “Neo Pocket Flash Masta USB” cartridge no longer requires a separate “Link Masta” USB device. The USB is now all built in, and it all fits inside of a standard NGPC cartridge. As of my posting this, there are only 6 cartridges available. These are still being assembled by hand and have cuts we do by hand, just like the previous cartridges were.


Neo Pocket Flash Masta USB - Buy It Now
Sold Out – $79.95 (Plus $3.99 Global Shipping & Handling)

We are still developing some pieces of the software, but it’s functional. It’s also built to interface with the previous bundle with the separate Flash Masta cart and Link Masta USB device. If you already own any Neo Pocket Flash Masta kit, check out this new beta software, and leave some feedback in the comments below.

Neo Pocket Flash Masta USB - IntroducingThe cartridge has a total of 32 Megabits and has a switch to choose between two 16 Megabit “slots” that contain games or apps that you upload to it. If the file you upload is over 16Mbit (2 megabyte), then it will take the entire cartridge (both slots). To upload a file to a slot, you plug in a micro USB cable into the side of the cartridge and use the software found here.

As you may have noticed above, the price is $79.95 for the cartridge, and the shipping cost is $3.99 (worldwide shipping and handling). This price is our best guess at the final release pricing once we’re ready to roll these out in a larger batch. To be clear, the actual release price may be cheaper, or it could be more expensive.

Have a happy Thanksgiving (or a happy Thursday for the rest of the world)!

Clearance Pricing, Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc.

$35 (plus $4 worldwide shipping)

Clearance Pricing

It seems that we may have sold our last Neo Pocket Flash Masta + Link Masta Bundle. While working on the WonderSwan cart, I learned a bunch of new things, and we are going to push some of that knowledge to the Neo Geo Pocket cartridge.

What does that mean for you guys? Well, it means 2 things:

1) We don’t plan to sell the same bundle that’s been a labor of love over the past few years. We are testing some new ideas, and we hope to announce a replacement in the near future.

2) We sold our last Neo Pocket “Link Masta” USB device. It’s the one that we have been 3D printing red cases for. While it was a cool piece of hardware, it was a pain to build. The cartridge “socket” had to be hand cut. The case was 3D printed. I’m not complaining, but, truthfully, I did my share of complaining whenever I needed to build one up. The upside here is that we still have some 32Mbit Neo Flash Masta cartridges left. In the past, we normally only bundled these with the Link Masta. Now, we have about 16 of them ready to sell at a clearance price of $35 (plus $4 worldwide shipping). Take a look at the picture to see what you’ll get, but please keep in mind that this is only for people that already own a Link Masta USB device from here already. You will need to own the Link Masta to write data to this cartridge.

Tokyo and Hong Kong

I’m going to Hong Kong in November. I really enjoy going there. It’ll be my 4th time there. I’ve never been to Tokyo or any part of Japan before, so I decided to add a 2-night stopover in Tokyo on my way back from Hong Kong. Are any of you guys living in Tokyo by any chance? I’m really excited for this trip. Do you guys have any suggestions for me in either location?

New Red Neo Pocket LinkMasta Cases Now Shipping

Neo Geo Pocket Flash Masta LinkMasta - 4-9-15 - Bundle 2A lot of things are in the works, now. It’s difficult to keep juggling all the balls, but today I am finally announcing a cool new initiative to bring you a higher quality case for the Neo Pocket LinkMasta.

Thanks to a partnership with 7400 Circuits, we are now able to have a box made exactly for the Neo Geo Pocket USB LinkMasta. Isn’t it pretty? We are quite proud of it.

All new orders will now include this new 3D printed case enclosing the LinkMasta USB device. If you are an existing owner of a Neo Pocket Flash Masta kit, and you want these new clothes for your LinkMasta, you can purchase one at the 7400 Circuits Shop ( There were a few 3D printed cases that were sent out before we landed on this exact design. If you received one of those, you should know who you are, and, if you want a new red case as shown here, please get ahold of me. You should have my email address from your order, or use the contact form.

To provide a little more information to anyone that’s curious, 7400 Circuits is a new company that I am a partner of. The case was designed there (with my input). I don’t know what the future holds, but we may see 7400 Circuits helping out more with the flash cart stuff that I do here. I don’t expect that this will change anything from your standpoint, but I thought that you might be interested since it’s the first time that “7400” name has been mentioned here.

Here are some more pictures of the new case.

Neo Geo Pocket Flash Masta LinkMasta - 4-9-15 - Inserted Neo Geo Pocket Flash Masta LinkMasta - 4-9-15 - Side View Neo Geo Pocket Flash Masta LinkMasta - 4-9-15 - Bundle 1

Stickers Shipping / WonderSwan News

WonderSwan Flash Cart Development First of all, thanks for helping to make our survey a success.  We are no longer taking survey submissions, because it’s a maintenance issue to keep up with new responses.  If you still want your voice heard, please leave a comment on this post or use the contact form to send direct email messages.

The Neo Geo Pocket scene is going great, actually. We are still shipping Neo Pocket Flash Masta kits all over the world. In fact, it seems like these are ramping up lately. We just shipped out two yesterday. You’re keeping us busy! We appreciate that.

Speaking of keeping busy, let’s talk about WonderSwan a bit. Yeah, it’s not moving along at lightning speed, but it is moving along. We’re testing new prototype and test boards that we just got in. We ran into a big problem with the previous version, and it was very hard to test to see what the problem was. Thanks to Andrew (my partner in this), the new boards are a lot easier to do incremental tests on and debug.

We have a incremental plan laid out, and increment #1 seems to be a go. I’d say that we have a few more hurdles to leap before we’re ready to worry about resizing the PCB and coming up with solution for end users. Things are looking much better now, though. Stay tuned.

Stickers: I know that some of you are patiently waiting for your stickers. I know that I advertised stickers for people that previously purchased a Neo Pocket flash cart, and I have your information from the survey. I had hoped to get these out in stages, but it will be much easier now that the survey is closed. I can just do them all at once. Expect these to ship soon.

That’s the update from our end. Leave a comment and tell us what retro games you been playing lately.